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Mindfulness Cards

2014-03-29 12.14.58 - Copy2014-03-29 12.15.05 - CopyMindfulness Cards © are a pack of 100 cards (109mm × 59mm, 290gsm ivory board) printed in Australia and designed by Workplace Wellbeing Institute in 2013. The front of each card has a single English word accompanied by its relevant Chinese symbol/character. The back of each card has a relevant quote pertaining to the word on the front of the card plus basic instructions for use.

Mindfulness Cards © are designed for both professional therapeutic as well as individual personal use. As a therapeutic tool they can be used in both group work and one-to-one sessions. For personal use they are designed to be used to develop an individual Mindfulness Practice. Mindfulness Cards © consist of two packs, the Positivity and Reality Packs.

The Positivity Pack is a pack of 70 cards carrying primary positive messages/affirmations (to view some examples PP.pdf). The Positivity Pack has a focus on positive messages/affirmations. The Positivity Pack is recommended to be used initially to assist in the building of Safety, Trust, Respect and Human Dignity. This is particularly relevant when working with vulnerable individuals or groups who may have experienced a level of adversity in their life/lives.

The Reality Pack is a pack of 30 cards that provide a Balance and Counter-Point to the Positivity Pack (to view some examples RP.pdf). The Reality Pack reflects themes of Birth, Death and the Existential Nature of Human Existence.

In therapeutic work the Reality Pack can be mixed with the Positivity Pack when a level of Safety and Trust has been established, or when there is an adequate level of Resilience present with the individual or group. It is recommended that for individual practice, a personal level of discernment of your current emotional-mental-psychological be observed. When the Reality Pack and the Positivity Pack are mixed together the full set of Mindfulness Cards © are available for the devlopment of your personal Mindfulness Practice.

When shipped our Mindfulness Cards are issued with a full instruction sheet, sealed in a sealable plastic bag and placed in a gold organza mesh draw-string bag

Payment Options: All prices below include GST & Postage/Shipping & Handling. For shipping please allow 5 working days in Australia & 7-10 working days internationally. Your order will be shipped on full reciept of payment with a paid Tax Invoice included. For orders above 10 packs please email us for costing & shipping; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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